Roshan Revankar – PE, CGD, CGI, BESA The GreyEdge Group

Phone: 405-564-4991


Roshan Revankar is on a mission to make ground source energy affordable. He has expertise in geothermal design and energy modeling and is also involved in writing standards and codes for various organizations.

Roshan holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and is a certified building simulation analyst by Association of Energy Engineers and certified geothermal designer and inspector by IGSHPA. He is the current Vice Chair of ASHRAE’s technical committee for geothermal and he serves on various technical committees at IAPMO to develop standards and codes for ground source technology.

Roshan is a Professional Engineer, licensed in California. He is based in the Bay area where he enjoys spending his spare time with family, watching and playing cricket and selling some real estate.

Areas of Expertise

Roshan enjoys the design process for ground source and has worked with several facets in this industry including heat pump manufacturers, drillers and installers. He has trained over 300 professionals in the last 12 years.

Roshan is a co-founder and partner at Genesys NZE working to develop low cost ground heat exchangers. He is also a partner at Melink Zero where the team has advanced thermal energy storage products using phase change materials. Roshan has previously served as the Executive Director at IGSHPA where he developed training and membership programs and also established the organization internationally. He has served the role of an industry advocate and has been invited as a speaker nationally and internationally.

Professional Affiliations and Publications